09.16.13 at 10:56pm

He's Crafty

I've been working with ExpressionEngine for years now. One of the best 3rd party developers for EE is Brandon Kelley and he has written his own CMS called Craft. Going to try it out for this site. Time to learn something new.

08.22.13 at 9:42pm

Feeling Manly. Yeah!

Ok, lost the 'Alegreya'. I vanquished the pirates. Now feeling a little more 'Roboto'. The new logo and headline font is Roboto Slab. Feeling a little more masculine. Hair is beginning to grow on my manly chest. Yeah! Anyone want to arm wrestle? Didn't think so.

08.22.13 at 8:56pm

Now I'm Ripping Off Apple

Now using Lato as the headline font too. I feel like I see this a lot. A thin serif font -- on every blog -- and now in iOS 7. Screw it. I like it.

08.22.13 at 8:25pm

First Round of Fonts: Does This Make Me Look Like a Pirate?

Next, I am Working through some font choices. The headline font matches my current logo font choice 'Alegreya'. If pirates can blog (can't they?), I think they might choose this font. Not loving it.

I do like the paragraph font choice 'Lato'. I've seen it before. Looks nice and clean. More to come....

07.20.13 at 4:01pm

Time To Learn Illustrator

Next on my list is a logo. Playing around with some concepts with colors and fonts. Very impressed with what Google Fonts has to offer. Amazing you can not only serve web fonts with them, but you can also download the fonts to your system and use them in Photoshop, etc.

Built the logo above in Photoshop, but when I try to size it down it pixelates. Time to learn some Illustrator and make this a vector image. Help!


07.11.13 at 10:45pm

I added a background to the site using this tool from Brad Jasper:


Amazing array of different backgrounds as well as a bookmarklet to try all the backgrounds on any page. Damn cool. Being able to add fantastic design to your site, for free, without having the design skills gets me really excited. I bookmarked this site immediately when I saw it and knew I wanted to use it.

Of course the background could change and probably will many times, but this tool allows that to happen with ease. Thanks Brad!

07.03.13 at 4:15pm

Who? And Why?

My name is Damon Delgado. I build websites. Since 1996 I have been developing, designing and project managing websites. The work I have done has been for one man businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. But, this site is for me....

I turned 40 about a week ago and as much effort and time I have put into building other people sites I have done very little for myself online. Sure I have thought about it -- I have at least 5 designs over the years sitting somewhere in .psds -- but nothing ever really saw the light of day. Well here goes....

As ugly and simple as this site looks now, I plan to take the steps to fully represent myself and what I do. I will also be documenting the process as I go step by step through concepts to design to development.

If you're actually seeing this post, thanks for stopping by...there is more to come!